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The main goal of CityTripWith.Us is to help you plan your City Trip, find the right places, and, even more importantly, find them easily. Find places where you can relax or have fun. See a lot in a short time. Forget about wasting your time searching for places and travelling long distances to find interesting locations.

On the Internet there are a lot of quality travel blogs created with passion, providing valuable information about must-see hot spots in various locations. These text are genuine and not marked with commercial purposes, as they come from bloggers’ personal opinions. That’s how we like it at CityTripWith.Us!

But what the world lacked was a place where all these things are combined - the place where you can see interesting places in the neighbourhood on the map, along with an honest recommendation.

And CityTripWith.Us was born… the first city is our favorite Berlin, but many others will follow :)

Quality texts connected with interesting places in the city.
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